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MOR/5-TS and BLM Electronic models

Standardized devices for determining the flexural breaking load and modulus of green, or dried, or fired ceramic tiles.
In accordance with the UNI EN ISO 10545-4 standard.
Tile sizes: From 10x10 cm up to 125 x 185cm (depending on model ordered).

General features:
-Breaking blade operated by an electro-mechanical system
-System for detecting applied load, by means of highly reliable strain gage cells
-Automatic testing cycle, automatic tare facility.
-Digital reading with wide touch screen display, in 5 languages (GB - F - I - D - E -)
-Selectable measuring unit in Kg or Newton
-Automatic determination of the modulus of rupture in Kg/cm2, or Newton/mm2 and the breaking effort in Kg.or N.
-30 reference sizes storage capacity,storage of the last 29 tests carried out.
-Descent velocity of the breaking blade adjustable by the control panel, with the ability to automatically set up the standardized increase load in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 10545-4 standard, and with display graphic indication
-Electric supply: 230V single-phase 50/60Hz
-Scale: 0.5—800 Kg with a reading of 0.01 Kg (10 g) across the full range. (Minimum breaking load that can be obtained: 0.5 Kg)

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