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The original temperature gradient kiln was introduced in the early 1950s and has undergone many technical changes to reach today's standards of excellence and high performance.

Single chamber kilns with a fixed gradient of approximately 20 / 25 degrees across the full range of 180ºC between the "hot" and "cold" ends.

TG3 Mk IV / TG6 Mk IV / TG9 Mk IV / TG6 Frit
In keeping with today's technological advances the TG variable gradient kilns add another dimension to ceramic trial firing. These kilns allow each chamber to be programmed to different top temperatures whilst maintaining the pre-programmed firing curve giving total flexibility and outstanding results. The variable gradient kilns are available in two maximum design temperatures, 1300ºC and 1400ºC, ideal for trials with high-fire porcelain bodies.



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