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Aligator Water Purification System
Sanitization using the ionisation of Silver, Copper and Zinc. The Aligator system is simple to install, with electrodes fitted between the pump and filter and the control box fitting on a neaby wall. The unit requires a 5 Amp electrical supply.

Aligator Replacement Electrodes
Replacement Silver/Copper electrodes for the Aligator water purification system.

Silver Sentinel Micro Filter
A replacement filter for use with Arctic and Coyote spas originally fitted with the Silver Sentinel Micro Filter. With a filtration size down to 1 micron, the filter provides improved filtration for clear, sparkling water. Designed for single use, the filter last for approximatley 3-5 months and should not be cleaned. DO NOT use flocculants with this filter; they will shorten its life without providing any benefit to the spa water.

Disposable Filter Cartridge
Efficient disposable cartridge with 1 micron filtration. For use in Arctic and Coyote spas. No filter cleaning required - renew the filter every 3-5 months. DO NOT use flocculants with this filter.

Pre Filter Cartridge
Fitted to the end of the hosepipe when filling the spa, the pre filter is designed to remove impurities from the incoming water.

Arctic Spas Replacement Filter Cartridges
Premium quality filter cartridges for the Arctic Spas range. Filters for most brands of spa are available. Please call for latest price and availability.

Arctic Peak II Ozone Filter
Dedicated filter for the Arctic Peak II Ozone System (screw fitting).

Certikin Vacuum Hoses
Certikin Floating Vacuum Hoses.

Certikin Telescopic Vacuum Handles
Certikin telescopic vacuum handle to suit the Certikin range of nets and brushes.

Graphite Range Telescopic Vacuum Handles
Telescopic vacuum handles to suit the Graphite range of nets and brushes.

Certikin Skimmer Vacuum Adaptor HD103
Certikin skimmer vacuum adaptor (Kornea) plate.

Floating Tablet Dispenser
A floating dispenser for 20g tablets. Aids distribution of the sanitizer around the spa, and prevents spot bleaching of the spa shell.

Life Spa Brush LSP006
Hand held brush to clean spa and hot tub interior quickly and efficiently. Semi-circular design to suit hot tub contours.

Certikin Certivac 19in Vacuum Head Model CVH19
Certikin Certivac 19in Vacuum Head for concrete pools.

Vacuum Head Model CCMG115 - Concrete Pool
Graphite Range 9in flexible vacuum Head with side brushes for concrete pools.

Vacuum Head Model CCMG130 - Liner Pool
Graphite Range see-through semi circlular vacuum head.

Vacuum Head - Concrete Pool
Certikin HD70 12in Flexvac vacuum head.

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